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Now the French Constitution guarantees liberty of press and examples of governmental censorship are detached and comparatively small, although France has an extensive history of governmental censorship, especially in the 16th to 18th centuries.

There was a powerful governmental control over tv and radio in the 1950-70s. Also, other laws prohibit homophobic hate speech, and a 1970 law forbids the advocacy of drugs that are illegal.

Some groups have criticized all these laws, either from your left (particularly concerning the 1970 law) or in the far right (in particular concerning the laws or the 1990 Gayssot Act forbidding homophobic assaults). Others express the significance of minorities to be protected from hate language that might lead, according to them, to hate crimes and heinous actions, while others maintain that you can not stand free speech concerning drugs because it’s an issue of moral and public health arrangement. Few urge their repeal as they estimate that they are voted, repealing them would be a better evil although a good number are opposed to such laws.

Eventually, critics, particularly, but not only, in the left wing, have criticized economical censorship, particularly through concentration of media ownership (Bouygues’ sway, for example, on TF1), or the truth that Dassault or Lagardere, both military companies, command several papers in France, including Le Figaro (possessed by Dassault).

Over all, freedom of press is ensured by the French Constitution, several successful instances of censorship, against papers (Le Canard enchaine, Charlie Hebdo and Hara Kiri papers, etc.), movies, or radio shows, have been filed in the history of the Fifth Republic, founded in 1958.

Postal censorship was as the French state was believed by it necessary to command the morale of the people and therefore participated in a kind.

Censorship laws were revoked in 1958 together with the foundation, although instances of censorship happened (in satirical papers or particular concerning movies). The proclamation of the state of emergency, used throughout the Algerian War (1954-62) and additionally in 2005, through the civil unrest, enables the state to officially censor news articles as well as other media creations (used throughout the Algerian War, this censorship settlement had not been used in 2005).

Henri Alleg’s novel La Question was censored, along with movies and other similar publications, including The Battle of Algiers.

Lately[when?], UMP deputy Nadine Morano called on Interior Minister (UMP) Nicolas Sarkozy to censor hip hop groups, while 200 UMP deputies, headed by Francois Grosdidier, attempted to censor hip hop groups. The entire thing began having a tune called La France by French hiphop group Sniper.[www.vpnfrance.net/fournisseur/hidemyass-com/]

In 1987 a law repressing incitation to suicide was passed,after a bestselling novel called “Suicide, mode d’emploi” was printed in 1982. The publication could unreleased because of the law. The novel is so censored de facto, unavailable in bookshops and most libraries . It hasn’t been interpreted into English.

The volunteer was ordered to take a post that had been online concerning a military radio relay station at Pierre-sur Haute down. DCRI maintained the post broke French law and featured classified military advice. The volunteer, who had no relation to the post, described “that is not how Wikipedia operates” and told them he’d no right to interfere with editorial content, but was told he’d be held in detention and charged if he neglected to honour.

This article was later re-established with a Wikipedia subscriber that was Swiss. Christophe Henner, vice president of Wikimedia France, said “if the DCRI comes up with all the essential legal documents we are going to take down the page. We’ve got zero issue with that and have made it a point of honour to honor legal injunctions; it is the approach the DCRI used that’s shocking.”