VPN For Cryptocurrency Sites

Last modified on December 1, 2020

In one of our previous posts we discussed how to buy Bitcoin when you want to purchase your VPN with cryptocurrency instead of using the traditional payment methods. In this article we want to explore the topic somehow the other way round – how a VPN can be beneficial in regards of your Bitcoin or cryptocurrency activities.

Although Bitcoin is accepted as some kind of digital asset in many countries, be it that cryptocurrencies are seen as commodities or even as a recognised currency (e.g. Australia or Japan), there are countries where accessing certain cryptocurrency content on the internet is strictly forbidden. This mainly concerns trading activities which can be realized on the platforms shown in this source.

VPN To Visit Blocked Cryptocurrency Content

In China, for instance, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is banned, meaning respective websites are entirely blocked by the authorities. Since 2017 Chinese citizens aren’t allowed to trade Bitcoin on Broker platforms anymore. All Chinese Bitcoin brokers had even been shut down after the new law was passed. Last but not least, the big ban was also directed to the mining farms, which had do be shut down one after another.

After China had been Bitcoin’s largest trading market in the world in the early years, today, after the ban of 2017, there is at most an illegal underground trade market left. Such “illegal” online activities can only be done with virtual private networks. But, of course, VPNs are forbidden in China, too.

Or let’s say, VPNs aren’t illegal in that sense, but the telecommunication companies are told by the authorities to block all VPN traffic. If people find a way to still successfully use a VPN, they can at least not be arrested for doing something illegal. But who knows, the legal situation can be changed anytime again.

VPN To Visit Crypto Brokers

Another restriction people are suffering from is when they aren’t allowed to trade cryptocurrency as they wish. In the USA, for instance, traders are generally not allowed to margin trade cryptocurrencies. Therefore the vast majority of international Bitcoin brokers don’t allow people from the united States to make use of their financial products.

So especially in the field of cryptocurrency there is a demand for IP switches to bypass the annoying restrictions. At least that is what many people just do in order to do what they want. They are using a virtual private network to circumvent the restrictions and trade Bitcoin as well as visit cryptocurrency related websites to their liking.

This situation will hopefully change in the near future, when the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies has made some further steps towards the future.

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